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With a NewsTurbo SMTP Appliance, you can perform instantly and without knowledge effective email... more
Product information "NewsTurbo Cloud Appliance"

With a NewsTurbo SMTP Appliance, you can perform instantly and without knowledge effective email marketing campaigns that meets all provider regulations. Developed for you by professionals with years of experience.

Key Benefits:

  • Your own email server with full control
  • Unlimited email experience with unlimited emails per month
  • Unlimited domains with unlimited email addresses
  • Can easily be managed via a web interface
  • Collection of statistics using NewsTurbo Analytics Server
  • Online publishing of your newsletters
  • Maximum deliverability due to intelligent development
  • Fully Anti-spam compliant
  • Bypass ISP restrictions
  • Worldwide high-speed email delivery
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6 connections, DKIM and SPF
  • Build your own IP reputation
  • Don't get blacklisted
  • Fully configured and ready to go
  • Absolutely no know-how required
  • Hosted by us, maintained by us
  • No commitment, no automatic renewal

The NewsTurbo Cloud Appliance is a fast, reliable and powerful SMTP server with advanced features that has been designed for legitimate mass mailing of all of your newsletter campaigns and that will be set up solely for you.

Experience unlimited email delivery and send as many emails per month as you like. Add as many domains with as many email addresses as you like. You will not be limited and you can manage everything quickly and conveniently via a web interface.

When it comes to mass mailing, a lot of different difficult things must be considered in order to achieve a maximum deliverability rate of your emails, so it is not always possible for you to start with your newsletter campaigns right away without a NewsTurbo Cloud Appliance.

For a one-time setup fee as well as a low monthly fee, the NewsTurbo Cloud Appliance will help you to get your newsletters delivered directly into the inbox of your subscribers, so you can achieve maximum success with your newsletter campaigns and achieve new revenue goals.

Thanks to DKIM, SPF, DMARC and many other technologies, the NewsTurbo Cloud Appliance is fully anti-spam complaint therefore, it will save you a lot of headaches in not getting blacklisted.

Almost all common email account providers like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook etc. are limited in the way how many emails can be sent in a specific time frame therefore, you will run into trouble when using a common email account provider for sending your newsletter campaigns.

With a NewsTurbo Cloud Appliance, you will avoid that kind of trouble and bypass all ISP restrictions so you can simply send your emails out to your subscribers without to worry about any restrictions.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and powerful servers in Europe, the NewsTurbo Cloud Appliance delivers your emails worldwide at high speed directly to the inboxes of your subscribers.

The NewsTurbo Cloud Appliance is fully IPv4 and IPv6 compliant, so you're ready for the future right from the start using NewsTurbo Cloud Appliance.

Thanks to your own and exclusive IP address, the NewsTurbo Cloud Appliance enables you to build a meaningful IP reputation from which you will benefit long term. Other vendors will give you a shared IP address so you can't build your own IP reputation.

The NewsTurbo Cloud Appliance already includes a standalone and fully licensed instance of NewsTurbo Analytics Server, which allows you to track the success of your newsletter campaigns in great detail at any time, and at no extra cost.

In addition, the NewsTurbo Cloud Appliance enables you to publish your newsletters online, which means uploading your newsletters directly to your appliance so that your customers can view the newsletter directly in their browser (NewsTurbo Pro or higher required).

Your NewsTurbo Cloud Appliance is fully configured and ready to go right from the start. You don't need any know-how for using the appliance and there is absolutely no commitment.

Hosted by us, maintained by us. You focus on email marketing, we make sure that your NewsTurbo Cloud Appliance is always ready for use and will maintain it regularly to ensure reliable operation. In case of doubt, a technician is always at your side - always.

Although the NewsTurbo Cloud Appliance is primarily designed to work with our NewsTurbo products, any SMTP compliant mailing program can be used to send emails via the NewsTurbo Cloud Appliance.

Your newsletters deserve to be delivered. Let them succeed with your own NewsTurbo Cloud Appliance.

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Deployment details: The setup and configuration of your NewsTurbo Cloud Appliance is done... more

Deployment details:
The setup and configuration of your NewsTurbo Cloud Appliance is done manually by one of our technicians so it takes some time to deploy it.

Depending on how much work we have to do, the NewsTurbo Cloud Appliance will be provided within 6 to 48 hours after receipt of your order and after successful payment.

We will check which server is the best server for you and which is closest to your location. A closer location allows lower latencies for even faster email marketing.

Our technician is always available for you during the deployment and will answer any questions you may have.

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